Starting with 1 calf Mark has grown his herd to well over 50 head.  He is expecting 23 calves this spring (2020) and has many yearlings from last spring.

Here is a video of my Latest cattle being unloaded at the ranch:

Mark's goal is to grow his herd while selling off the steers and some of the cows/heifers each fall. The majority of the herd are Black and Red Angus.

Interested in buying a Steer?

Currently, we do not have any steers being prepared for slaughter.

Our calves graze their first summer with their mothers and then are given a mixture of grass/grain during the winter.  During the final 60-90 days they are given additional feed/grain.  Steers will be approximately 18 months when sold.

I will only sale steers (for slaughter) that come from my own cows so I know how they were raised.

I planned to sell my steers directly to a processing plant or at auction.  However, with the recent events I've been asked if I would be willing to sell some steers to individuals. I thought about it and decided to partner with Simla Frozen Food Locker in Simla, Colorado.  They have processed livestock for many years, I have heard great things about them, and it is only an hour drive from Monument.

If you have more questions or you're interested in buying a Colorado black or red angus steer you will need to contact me at (719) 660-2398.

Below are some videos from the Burlington livestock auction where I purchased some  cattle back in January 0f 2019. We branded them the next day prior to releasing them into the pasture.  I cannot thank Chuck (a real cattle rancher) enough for mentoring me and letting my cattle run with his.

Meet Chuck; the real cattle rancher

I love spending as much time as I can with my cattle.

How a cattle auction works:


My cattle being loaded on our trailer:

Cattle just before we branded them (if they only knew what was about to happen):

Here is my brand on one of my cows:

I call the brand "P Horizontal Bar U"