Mark’s herd has grown over the past few years and recently grew by the addition of ten (10) bred cows obtained at the Burlington Livestock Exchange in January of 2019.

Mark’s goal is to do what the settlers’ did years ago; grow a herd via reproduction. He also adds to his herd by obtaining additional cattle when the price is right.  The plan is to keep the heifer calves to grow the herd and sell the steers after 18 months.

Below are videos from the Burlington auction where I purchased my latest cattle, and then after we unloaded them at the property where they will be kept until they calve in the spring. We branded them prior to releasing them into the pasture.  This was the first time I branded cattle.  I’m having a lot of fun which is the real goal.  I’ve always wanted to have cattle; I cannot thank Chuck (a real cattle rancher) enough for mentoring me and letting my cattle run with his.

I love spending as much time as I can with my cattle.

How a cattle auction works:



My cattle being loaded on our trailer:


Cattle just before we branded them (if they only knew what was about to happen):


Here is my brand on one of my cows:


I call the brand “P Horizontal Bar U”