Mark Pfoff is owner of Rocky Mountain Computer Forensics which provides consulting for civil litigations and criminal proceedings. RMCF has specialized software to examine computers, cell phones and cell phone records. Mark is a court qualified expert in computer  and cell phone forensics, and cell phone technology.

RMCF's mission statement:

"Provide forensic examinations of digital evidence using best practices; provide accurate and detailed reports of our findings; and provide expert courtroom testimony"

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Cattle Rancher

Mark has a herd of mainly Black Angus cattle in Eastern Colorado.  His cattle graze in open pastures during the summer and are fed a combination of hay and grain during the winter months. His herd expands every spring with the addition of calves.

If you are interested in obtaining a 2 year old steer; we can sell you one of our many steers and deliver it to the processor of your choice along the Colorado front range.

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School Board Member

Mark is the longest serving current school board member for Lewis-Palmer School District 38.  He was President for two terms, and has held every position during his tenure.  Lewis-Palmer is a high-achieving school district and has the highest on-time graduation rate in the state of Colorado.

He is completing his fourth and final term which will end in the fall of 2019.