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Personal Quotes

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“It’s easy being the boss; what’s hard is being a leader”

“What good is an attitude if you don’t use it?”

“Many times the person demanding respect doesn’t want to give it in return”

 “When dealing with an angry person; be as nice as you can.  It will either calm them down or really set them off.  Either way it will resolve the situation”

“Our children see everything we do and will be just like us when they grow up”

“Character is shown by how you resolve an issue you created”

“It’s a lot easier to say you’re sorry once than trying to cover it up many times”

“There always seems to be someone who thinks they are the smartest person in the room;  if they were really that smart they would assume they were the dumbest”

“Don’t buy groceries when you’re hungry and don’t vote when you’re angry”

“Don’t fear conflict; but don’t enjoy it either”

“Usually the smartest person is the one not talking”

“The best two investments are Real Estate and Roses”

“I don’t worry about an attorney who is yelling or being rude; I start getting concerned when they are being polite”

“It’s better to run a good race than win a bad one”

“It’s okay to compromise; so long as you don’t compromise your principles”

“It doesn’t take very many people to completely destroy what it took many to create”

” Lies travel much faster than the truth”

“When someone tells you they speak for a lot of people; they don’t”

“First impressions last the longest and are the hardest to break”

“Just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean you’re good at it”

“Those who make personal attacks; usually lack the facts”


“AT THE END OF THE DAY…..  it’s time to go to bed”



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