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Mark Pfoff, Board of Education – Endorsements

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I worked for Lewis-Palmer School District 38 beginning in 1988 as the new principal for Kilmer Elementary School in its inaugural two years. I then worked as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for the district and became Superintendent of the district in 1998. I retired in 2003 but was able to return as the Interim Superintendent for the 2010-2011 school year. I have worked with many board members over those 23 years, and none have been more sincere and cared more for our children than Mark Pfoff. It was a privilege to serve him and the other board members this past year. We made some difficult decisions but always in the best interests of our children and staff. Mark consistently demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues. His discussions with other board members and the public clearly revealed his grasp of curricular, financial, and personnel concepts vital to the success of our children and the school district. I am thrilled that he has chosen to run for another 4 year term on the school board. He will bring stability, consistency, and transparency to the school district. He will also keep the district focused on what is best for kids, will promote and encourage purposeful innovation, and will continue the pursuit of excellence for which this district is known. Mark Pfoff will receive my vote in November!

Dwight “Ted” Bauman

Retired Superintendent for Lewis-Palmer School District 38


I have attended 14 out of 19 regularly scheduled board meetings while Mark has been on the board. Mark is outspoken but not combative. His daytime job as a detective helps him keep the district focused on student safety. At board meetings Mark asks tough questions and has good insights into district matters. I like the fact Mark will speak his mind and is not a “yes man”. 

I hope you will join me in voting for Mark Pfoff in the D-38 school board election on November 3.

Deborah Goth

District Land Committee – Chairperson, August 2008 – Present

Operations Advisory Committee, November 2006 – Present

PRHS Foundation – Membership Chairperson, May 2008 – Present

LPHS Building Accountability Committee (BAC) – Chairperson, August 2007 – May 2009

LPMS BAC – Chairperson, August 2005 – May 2007

District Accountability Member, August 2004-Present

District Boundary Committee Member, December 2006

LPES PTO – President, August 2001 – May 2003


I endorse Mark Pfoff for District 38 School Board. He is sincerely interested in serving the students of the Lewis Palmer Schools. He always makes himself available to staff and children with frequent visits to schools and classrooms. Mark cares!

Becky Harder

Retired District 38 Educator with over 25 years experience

Parent of 2 LPHS Graduates

Grandparent of 4 LP Granddaughters


I endorse Mark Pfoff for D38 Board of Education. He asks the right questions – the questions that matter to me as a parent and those that matter to me as a tax-paying citizen. There’s no bull with Mark. He’s honest, straight-forward and he genuinely cares about our children and their futures. He makes himself accessible to the public, whether he’s attending District MLO meetings, coffee talks, visiting our schools, or merely returning your phone call, he takes time for you!

Mirielle M. Bock

LPSD DAAC Chair, 2008/2009 – 2009/2010

Whole Child Task Force Committee Member 2009

Kilmer BAC Co-Chair, 2007-2008

MLO Committee 2007 and 2008



I fully support Mark Pfoff as a candidate for the LPSD 38 Board of Education. During his first term on the Board, he has demonstrated willingness to analyze financial decisions and district expenditures. He is willing to communicate fully with D38 students, parents and the community at large without hesitation. His experience in law enforcement brings expertise in the area of security which is vital. Mr. Pfoff is an asset the Board of Education, District 38 and our community.

Cathy Wilcox

LPMS BAAC Chair, Current

PLES BAAC Parent Representative, 2006 – 2009

DAAC Member, 2006 – Present

MLO Committee Chair, 2008

Boundary Committee Member